This website belongs to a marine scientist and entrepreneur who works with income generating opportunities sited at the land ocean interaction zone. Occasionally he takes lessons from this experience and uses it in other projects sited in inland areas from mountain tops to river valleys.
The fastest way to get a proper response from us is by writing an e-mail to If you want to make a quick call to us, call 91-(0) 9446606031

Sectors we work in
  • We work across sectors often using knowledge and experience we have gained in different sectors and applying it to the work at hand, in ways sector experts wouldn’t have thought of.
  • We have worked to align technology and people to build an airport runway over the sea.
  • We have worked to introduce submarine trips for the general public.
  • We have worked to get executives from Fortune 500 companies to take classes in schools.
  • We work creating a link between companies with products and services and the electronic and broadcasting media to carry the information on channels.
  • We work to give aesthetics and leisure potential to industrial and infrastructure sites to facilitate interaction with the general public.
  • We have coordinated a few international visits (from India and to India) for different clients, on fact finding missions for business set up.