This website belongs to a marine scientist and entrepreneur who works with income generating opportunities sited at the land ocean interaction zone. Occasionally he takes lessons from this experience and uses it in other projects sited in inland areas from mountain tops to river valleys.
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Our Speciality

We are in a hurry and like to work with people who are in a hurry and if you give us your pre-project situation in many instances we can speed up the buildup time. We like to beat the system wherever possible. If you have heard about a new line of business either in India or outside but don’t know anything more but want to set it up, we will do the homework for you. If you know a line of business in your country and want to come to India and set it up, we will help you navigate through it for this market. If you are from outside India and have only heard about economic growth in India but want to hear the real stuff before coming in, we tell you what newspapers and magazines do not carry.