This website belongs to a marine scientist and entrepreneur who works with income generating opportunities sited at the land ocean interaction zone. Occasionally he takes lessons from this experience and uses it in other projects sited in inland areas from mountain tops to river valleys.
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Business Lines
  • Captive in house seafood production for private farms, hotels, resorts and homes for near sea or land locked locations
  • Interior decoration for Hotels and Resorts
  • Setting up of Ocean Themes for theme parks, malls, airports
  • Natural lighting augmentation project for commercial buildings, airports
  • Desalinated water for hotels, resorts, mini towns, industries
  • Marine leisure properties for real estate companies, concept development, engineering drawing, operations management for near sea or land locked locations
  • Seafood Production through farming for export companies
  • Marine consulting for submarine telecommunication cable industries, marine mining, offshore wind, oil and gas exploration, sea ports, specialised sea going vessels, marine dredging, , marine aggregates

The above list is an example and we often develop new thinking at the crossroads of banking, telecommunications, living space development, marine space projects, power projects, etc.