This website belongs to a marine scientist and entrepreneur who works with income generating opportunities sited at the land ocean interaction zone. Occasionally he takes lessons from this experience and uses it in other projects sited in inland areas from mountain tops to river valleys.
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We do this work because this is the only thing we know how to do to earn a living for us and for others. We were taught by our parents to study well and that would get us a good job. When we grew up we knew studying alone need not guarantee a good job because by the time we come out of education what we learnt is already obsolete and people are already doing what we did not learn.

Realising this we started contacting companies for work since we were in our college days and did a few small works. Later on one of us got an opportunity to live and work in four countries in the world in other continents. During that time we  realised that there are several ways of doing the same work across the world and that several companies or people are trying to bring in these ways from outside their countries to their homeland and sometimes to take knowledge from their homeland to other countries.

We sensed an opportunity here and began contacting companies and people in our homeland who were looking at bringing in new ways of doing the same work from outside India. We also contacted companies and people who wanted to bring into India previously nonexistent businesses in the country, which were running well outside.

At the same we connected to companies and people abroad who had the knowledge that could be used to bring in these other ways of doing the work to India and others who had knowledge which could be used to set up previously nonexistent business in the country.
Now we work to marry other ways of doing work and previously nonexistent businesses with people interested in bringing it into India to produce more knowledge and more money.